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Techxplorer’s Content Tweaks

Original image by: Bryan Nielsen.
Original image by: Bryan Nielsen.

This is a WordPress plugin that implements some tweaks to post content that I find useful. The list of tweaks includes:

  • Automatically adding WordPress tags to posts based on hashtags found on the post content.
  • Adding three custom fields to uploaded media to make it easier to track attribution. The fields are:
    1. Author name.
    2. Author profile URL.
    3. Source URL.
  • Automatically calculating, and displaying, various statistics on an individual post. The statistics include:
    1. Word count.
    2. Estimated reading time.
    3. Date and time of last update.

The plugin is developed on my GitHub repository, this is also where the issue list is.

More information on the plugin, including installation instructions and screenshots, is available on the WordPress plugin page.