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Being a husband, a father to my daughter, and working keeps me very busy. The time I have left is spent on these hobbies.

Gundam Models

One of my hobbies is watching Anime, and one of my favourite genres is giant robots. I enjoy assembling gundam models, and post pictures of the completed models on my Instagram account, and here on my blog.

Learning New Things

I particularly enjoy learning new things, especially as it relates to writing and information technology. The online courses I've completed are listed on the certificates page.

Nanoblock Models

I enjoy assembling Nanoblock models, and post pictures of my completed models on my Instagram account and here on my blog.


I read a lot of fiction, and primarily focus on sci fiction, high fantasy, urban fantasy and some young adult books. The books that I've read in the past few years are listed on my Goodreads page.


I recently bought myself a sewing machine and I've started teaching myself sewing, starting with very simple projects. The reasons I'm earning this new skill are:

  • I like learning new skills, and especially skills that allow me to create a tangible item.
  • I want to be able to undertake more complex repairs to our clothes.
  • I can use this skill to create things for my family and friends.

I'll be posting progress pictures on my Instagram account, and here on my blog.

Watching Anime

I enjoy watching anime on the AnimeLab streaming service. The titles I'm watching are listed on the anime page.

WordPress Plugins

I have written a small number of WordPress plugins. I have written these plugins to meet a need that I have, and I've released them in the hope that they prove useful to others. They're all listed on the projects page.


When I have time to focus, and have successfully battled the demons of self-doubt, I write fiction. I don't write as much as I would like, the demons of self-doubt are persistent.