All you ever wanted to know about my hobbies

Table of Contents

Counted Cross Stitch

In late 2018 I took up counted cross-stitch again. It has quickly become one of my favourite hobbies.

I find it a very relaxing hobby. Counting stitches is almost a form of meditation for me.

Photos of my completed pieces can be found here.

Over on my writing website Existential Dreams I wrote a post about why I got back into cross stitch.

Software Development

In my spare time I work on a few projects that use my software development skills. The latest of these is my Floss Manager website. Where I have combined my skills with my interest in static website development, and cross stitch.

My Floss Manager website, helps me keep track of the floss (thread) that I have. So that I don't buy floss that I already have in my stash when I start a new project.

Nanoblock Models

Assembling Nanoblock models is another of my favourite hobbies.

Photos of my completed Nanoblock models can be found here.

Gundam Models

Assembling Gundam models, known as gunpla (a portmanteau of “Gundam plastic model”) has been one of my hobbies.

I haven't completed a new model for some time. I've been focussed on my other hobbies.

Photos of my completed Gundam models can be found here.


I am an avid reader of books. Mostly sci-fi and fantasy fiction. I keep track of my books on Goodreads.

In late 2018 I started listening to audio books on Audible as well. I find listening to audio books helps occupy the rest of my mind when I'm engaged in my other hobbies. Or when doing other mundane tasks like housework and cooking.


I have renewed by resolution to write more fiction and other posts on my writing website, Existential Dreams.