About My Website

My name is Corey Wallis, in many places online I am known as Techxplorer.

I am a proud husband and father, living in Adelaide, South Australia

I am using my personal website as a place to document some of the more interesting things I've worked on.

Business Improvement

I have over 14 years experience in the higher education sector in Australia. I have held a number of different roles building on my skills in software engineering, systems analysis and design.

Most recently I am the Solution Lead in a Business Improvement team, at Flinders University.

I use my technical skills to develop solution designs and implement systems that support improved processes.

I then use my communication and collaboration skills to liaise with project stakeholders, the BI team, and other teams to deliver the solution.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new tool that the BI team is using as part of our process improvement projects.

I am the lead developer for our RPA solutions using UiPath platform.

Much of the code developed for our automations has been release as open source. Including:

Solution Design

I lead the design of solutions that are implemented as part of a Business Improvement project.

I am working towards completing self study for certification in The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

This will improve my knowledge of, and ability to implement, information technology architecture transformation projects.

Software Development

Not only is software development one of my hobbies, it is part of my work. I have developed some NodeJs applications to help with our RPA development. Including:

  • RPA Lint - An application that undertakes static analysis of the UiPath code to ensure it meets our agreed development standards. More information.
  • RPA Doc - An application that generates documentation using the annotations in the UiPath code. More information.

Technical Communication

I have a strong interest in technical communication. The ability to communicate and engage is an invaluable skill for people working in information technology.

For this reason I am a member of the Australian Society of Technical Communication.